Yoshiteru Himuro

Musician and sound designer Yoshiteru Himuro, with his exceptional beat arrangements and subtle but dramatic track making skills, has gained overwhelming support from visual professionals. He has released numerous private works from various labels both in and out of Japan, while also working on commercial works for brands such as Sony, Citizen, Shiseido and Otsuka. Combining his flexible sensitivity and sound and visual synchronization, he enjoys strong support from the creative community.

Himuro’s style consists of irregular beat programming mixed with electro, hip hop and dubstep elements, making his high-quality tracks difficult to categorize into one genre. In 1998, he released his first album from London label Worm Interface, and has subsequently released a total of 8 albums from labels in France, America, Australia, and Japan. His Coming Around EP, released in July 2011 from Blue Arts Music, hit number 1 on Beatport’s electronica chart, the world’s leading electronic music site.