Wayo Secchu Exhibition

  • 2013
  • JKD Collective

Event Production, Video Production

Aleix Gordo grew up strongly influenced by Japanese manga from the likes of Akira Toriyama and Katsunori Ohtomo, and was on his first visit to Tokyo. Tadaomi Shibuya is a Tokyo-based artist famous for his trademark radical illustration style that renders images into stylized, angular abstractions of form. JKD and midori.so produced a special party combining these two unique talents with collaborative live painting and an art exhibition. It turned into a hybrid of east and west, and an intense collaboration from these two brilliant artists.

Exhibition Period: 11/29–12/3, 2013
Venue: midori.so gallery

  • Live Painting + Mural Art Prodction
    Aleix Gordo
    Tadaomi Shibuya
  • Music
    Olive Oil
  • Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
    Tomoji Oya
    Miho Koshiba (midori.so)
  • Camera
    Hiro Ikematsu
    Sam Yotsuya
  • Editor
    Sam Yotsuya