Synchronized Drops

  • 2012
  • Space Shower TV

JKD Collective produced a 60s station ID for Japan’s largest music channel, Space Shower TV. In this piece, gravity-defying streams of water flow through air while the dancer’s movement synchronizes with the music as if she’s floating through time. An experimental technique set the camera’s frame rate in synch with the low-frequency waves of the speaker which the water flowed from, enabling the unique optical illusion of vibrating droplets appearing to freeze in mid-air, or even flow backwards.

Shot without the use of a high-speed camera, computer graphics, reversed footage, or other kinds of post processing, the effects are all in camera. This first film work produced by JKD was directed by Kosai Sekine, an award-winning Japanese director, and features contemporary dancer Masako Yasumoto.

  • Director
    Kosai Sekine
  • Director of Photography
    Naoki Noda
  • Production Designer
    Tateo Yanagimachi
  • Producers
    Bruce Ikeda
    Toshiyuki Takei
  • Production Manager
    Yosuke Maguchi
    Kazuma Kitada
  • Cast
    Masako Yasumoto
    Shimon Kato
  • Editor
    Tomohiro Suzuki
  • Audio Mixer
    Akihiro Morita
  • Special Effects
  • Music
  • Production Company
    JKD Collective
    Taiyo Kikaku