shu uemura x Takashi Murakami: Tokyo Wrapping

  • 2016
  • shu uemura cosmetics Inc.

JKD produced a branded movie titled “Tokyo Wrapping” for the launch of shu uemura’s holiday collection featuring the artworks by Takashi Murakami.

It is a story of a female figure and a sphere shaped drone character that flies freely around Tokyo after dark to wrap the city with digital ribbons. Murakami himself did a cameo in the movie.

The digital ribbons were shot using a technique called light painting and a tool called Pixelstick. The athletic dancers performed while while holding the Pixelstick to leave the beautiful trail of lights, resulting the glowing colorful ribbon to wrap the city of Tokyo dynamically and gracefully.


JKD has selected to work with one of Japan’s top visual creators, Genki Ito. The chemistry between Murakami’s art, Genki’s aesthetic and JKD collective’s creativity resulted this beautiful movie just in time for the holiday season.


  • Director / Offline Editor
    Genki Ito
  • Director of Photography
    Tetsuro Hirano
  • Creative Director / Planner / Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Content Writer / Art Director
    Jun Nishida (Drill Inc.)
  • Producers
    Kei Okazaki
    Fumikazu Matsubara
    Joseph George (Vice Japan)
  • Production Manager
    Shota Hoshi
  • Chief Camera
    Shuhei Yanagida
  • Light
    Tomohiro Takahashi
  • Music Producers
    Bruce Ikeda
    Kohei Chida (CURRENT)
  • Music Composer
    Yuri Habuka (CURRENT)
  • Designer
    Shotaro Tomiyama
  • Motion Test
    Ko Kudo
  • CG Production
    Hu-sha Co., Ltd
  • Online Editor
    Kayo Nakamura
  • Stylist
    Remi Takenouchi
  • Makeup Artist
    Yuji Asano (shu uemura)
  • Hair-Make
  • Cast
    Yumi Shizukusa
    Takashi Murakami
  • Production Companies
    JKD Collective
    ROBOT Communications
  • Client
    shu uemura cosmetics Inc.
  • Agency
    Vice Media Japan