RedBull Music : 64 Bars Season 2

  • 2019
  • RedBull
One MC and one microphone. And a simple beat. How will the words flow in this minimal atmosphere?  JKD produced season 2 of “64 Bars”, a special content series by Red Bull Music that records 64 bars at one time. Featuring Anarchy as a main curator, we collaborated with 9 rappers including Miles Word, Leon, Chinza Dopeness and 9 beatmakers of all generations who are are pulling hot attention.
  • Creative Director / Music Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Producer
    Kei Okazaki
  • Cast / Curator
    Anarchy (1%)
  • Cast / Sound Engineer
    Ryu Kawashima
  • DOPs
    Nobutaka Shirahama
    Masanori Matsuzawa
    Atsunobu Yamamoto
  • Editor
    Masanori Matsuzawa
  • Photographer
    cherry chill will.