Red Bull Summer Edition “Mosquito Slap”

  • 2015
  • Red Bull 

In collaboration with Red Bull Summer Edition, we made a special video clip tightly synced to a music track made of all the sounds heard while camping out. Find out more at

JKD produced the music video clip “Mosquito Slap” for Red Bull Summer Edition. The video features original music composed of sounds you’d hear while camping in summer. Each sound in the music was recorded on location during the shoot, allowing for a music production that would perfectly match up to our summer footage. We showcased the most iconic images of each sound, utilizing split-screens to show multiple “instruments” playing at once. Enjoy the music and visual synchronicity that brings you a new and exciting perspective on a summer camping trip with friends and family.

  • Directors
    Mackenzie Sheppard
    Shane Lester
  • Executive Producer / Creative Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Producers
    Satoshi Takahashi
    Fumikazu Matsubara
  • Music / Sound Design
    DJ Codomo
  • Director of Photography
    Senzo Ueno
  • Editor
    Shane Lester
  • Planner
    Mana Morimoto
  • Colorist
    Masato Ota
  • Sound Recordist
    Takashi Hisamichi
  • Stylist
    Kenichi Taira
  • Production Manager
    Noriyuki Imoto
  • Production Assistant
    Daichi Tanaka
  • Agency
    JKD Collective
  • Production