Radius: A New Music Platform by JKD

  • 2017
  • JKD Collective

Taking the opportunity of our 5th anniversary, JKD launched “Radius”, a new music platform. Embracing the mission of curating good music out of Tokyo and the rest of the world, and experimenting in the field of video content and live experience, it just begun as a net radio and content lab. Radius, in Latin, refers to energy spreading out from the center. This pilot version will start slow but in the long run, we hope to connect the number of small dots spread out in the creative scenes in Tokyo. The first and second show were exclusive mixes by Olive Oil and Inner Science, one of the best collaborators for JKD. You can check out those mixes on archive section of the site. The 3rd mix was by Midori Hirano, and the 4th mix was by Daisuke Tanabe, we hope to continue featuring both JKD collaborators and great artists out there who we have yet to work with.

Please check out great music at rdus.jp