Pocari Sweat  Lunar Dream Capsule Project

  • 2014
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Lunar Dream Capsule Project is a significant campaign that will launch the kids dreams to the moon through a time capsule. Press conference was held at one of the best planetariums in Tokyo and this project movie was aired at the very beginning of the event. JKD took charge of music production and sound design with Yoshiteru Himuro, Inner Science. It’s an astonishing branded content pursuing audio + visual synchronization. Please watch carefully especially after 4:30 unit. An intensive collaboration of director Akihiro Higashi, his team and creatives from Drill turned out to be an amazing project.

  • Creative Director
    Naoya Hosokawa 
  • Art Director
    Jun Nishida 
  • Director
    Hiroaki Higashi 
  • Producer
    Akira Ohishi
    Shoichi Suwa
  • Music Director / Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Music
    Yoshiteru Himuro
    Inner Science 
  • SFX
    Mizuki Ito 
  • Agency