Run Track

  • 2013
  • Nike Japan

Music Direction, Production and Planning

Nike’s experimental project of mixing Running and Music through programming was launched. A web application linked to Nike + will analyze your running speed, distance, weather, time zone of the day to create unique music tracks. In collaboration with Rhizomatiks and AKQA, a digital agency who is pulling attention for recently opening its Tokyo office, JKD Collective took charge of music direction / production and part of planning. Eight track makers are featured. First off with New generation beat maker eli walks, Eccy, who aggressively absorbs overseas new trend after post dub step, then, a 22 year-old, tofubeats who is drawing attention for releasing his first album on 4/24. Jemapur, an electronic music artist of net-native generation and Shuta Hasunma who is conducting frequent orchestration concerts. Also HIFANA, DJ Mits the beats who have core fans worldwide by holding overseas live tours, and Kuniyuki Takahashi who is also known for his world-class skills and recognition. The 8 track makers, representing Japan’s music scene, collaborating with topnotch programming team have created a project of newness and of quality.

Every eighth measure of the sound source on this page is remixed by each artist under the condition assumed below.
Slow , Sunny Morning >  Normal , Sunny Afternoon >  Normal, Sunny Afternoon  +Keep Pace +Mid >  Fast , Sunny Night +Pace up > Fast, Sunny Night +Dash > Slow, Cloudy Night +Direction  > Normal, Cloudy Afternoon +Mid >  Fast, Cloudy Morning +Pace up + Long >  Slow, Rainy Morning +Direction >  Normal,  Rainy Afternoon +Pace up +Long >  Fast, Rainy Night  +Dash


  • Agency
    AKQA Tokyo
  • Programming
  • Music Direction / Production
    JKD Collective