• 2018
  • JKD Collective

JKD has produced an audio-visual performance by electronic musician,

Daisuke Tanabe

and media artist,

Nobumichi Asai

as one of the programs for MUTEK which took place at Mirakian last month. Whilst Daisuke Tanabe performed live, OCS data from his music was used to perfectly synchronize the beats with the blinding LED lighting system developed by Asai and the visual projections on display. JKD has also collaborated with the programmer

Masayuki Daijima

to create the original audio-visualizer, inspired by the Japanese traditional kimono pattern called Edo Komon, which was projected during the performance.

Audio Visual Set for Mutek JP at Kagaku Miraikan on 11/3/18.
Music : Daisuke Tanabe
Creative / Technical Direction / Programming : Nobumichi Asai
Programmer : Masayuki Daijima
Designer : Shotaro Tomiyama
Lighting : Jun Tanaka
Producer : Bruce Ikeda / JKD Collective