Lacoste Harajuku Launch Movie

  • 2023
  • Lacoste

We produced a launch video for the sports brand LACOSTE for the opening of their concept store ‘Lacoste Harajuku’ in Ura-Harajuku on December 16th (Sat). The video was created in collaboration with the creative coder Ikeryo and sound designer Foodman, also known as Shokuhin Matsuri. With the theme of ‘Connect,’ the concept store aims to be a place where sports, fashion, art, creativity, music, and cafes come together through the motif of the crocodile. It promises to be a space where one can enjoy the chemistry of connections.  We look forward to future developments.”

Director/EX Producer : Bruce Ikeda
Creative Cording : Ryo Ikeda
Sound Design : 食品まつり a.k.a. Foodman
Producer / Account : Kei Okazaki
Design / Artdirection : Shotaro Tomiyama
Motion Design : Ko kudo