Airbnb: Kanazawa | Not Yet Trending

  • 2017
  • Airbnb

“Not Yet Trending” is an investigative series from inside Airbnb featuring new, hot destinations discovered by its community. JKD produced the latest episode that explored the Kanazawa, Japan, which is now unveiling its long-kept treasures to the world. This time, we challenged in a new breed of hybrid content mixing music video and documentary film. Stories surrounding 4 hosts blended together with great soundtrack based on Japanese pentatonic scales, this audio-visual piece introduces the attractiveness of Kanazawa in brand new way. Please check it out!


  • Director
    Yasuhito Tsuge
  • Producer / Music Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Director of Photography
    Toshihiko Kizu
  • Camera Assistant / DIT
    So Naoi
  • Production Assistant
    Yoshimi Joya
    Kei Okazaki
  • Editor
    Sam Yotsuya
  • Music
    Yoshiteru Himuro
  • Sound Design
    Erito Ayaki
  • Colorist
    Yasutaka Ishihara
  • Production Company
    JKD Collective Inc.