Kaleidoscope with Mirror Harrier

  • 2015
  • Toyota 

The first work of JKD Collective this year is Kaleidoscope installation which took place in Roppongi Hills for Toyota Mirror Harrier. We projected 30 types of fresh audio + visual content with the concept of “space trip” onto the 7m mirror tunnel .  The audience was able to choose his content from the tablet controller and customize its color to project his original kaleidoscope visuals.  Received a great reaction from a wide range of people who visited the venue.

Venue :  Hills Cafe in Roppongi Hills

Installation Period : 1/21/2015 -1/27/2015


  • Art Direction & Graphic Art
    Yoshiro Nishi (RALPH) 
  • Producer / Creative Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Graphic Design
    Mana Morimoto
  • Motion Design / Animation
    Ko Kudo
  • Executive Producer
    Akira Oikawa
  • Music / Sound Design
    Inner Science
  • Architecture Design / Construction
    Akira Yamage
  • Technical Direction
    Bohma Hashimoto
  • Interface Design / Programming
    Fusanobu Fujita
    Tadanobu Inafuku
  • Production
    B2 Engine + JKD Collective 
  • Agency
  • Client