JKD Audio Visual Installation HAND Vol.02

  • 2016
  • JKD Collective

This is the audiovisual installation JKD conducted for Live Entertainment and Event Expo 2016 in collaboration with Drill and AVC. JKD handled the audiovisual contents screened in the 5.7m high/13m wide booth made entirely of LEDs displayed by AVC.
Based on the spectacular theme of the universe, the birth of all living creations on Earth, and the rise and fall of human civilization, we created cutting-edge audiovisual works where picture and music-synchronized tightly, with effective use of a gigantic LED Wall and the stage with a reverse triangular prism kaleidoscope.

Creative Directors :  Jun Nishida, Bruce Ikeda
Director : Bruce Ikeda
Art Direction, Design : Yoshirotten
Design : Shotaro Tomiyama
Motion Design : Ko Kudo
Editor : Sam Yotsuya
Producers : Bruce Ikeda, Kei Okazaki
Agency Producer : Keisaku Ibuki
Music : Metome
Planner : Mana Morimoto
Production : JKD Collective Inc.
Creative Agency : Drill Inc.
Set Design:Takenao Shimada, Ryu Hirota
Client : AVC