Immersive Museum : Music and Sound Design

  • 2022
  • Immersive Museum

We had the privilege of providing the music and sound design for the immersive experience art exhibition “Immersive Museum”.

With “Dive in Art” as its concept, it is being held at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall starting from July 8 for a total of 120 days. The first theme was “IMPRESSIONISM”, and we created a modernly remixed audiovisual art piece of famous drawings by impressionists such as Monet, Degas, and Renoir, dramatically displayed in a huge 700 square meter room surrounded by a 6m-high screen. The amazing music is a collaboration with Midori Hirano (first half) and Yoshiteru Himuro (second half), unraveling its story through the power of sound. Please do check it out!

Executive Producer Enari Osamu
Creative Director / Content Writer  Nishida Jun
Technical Producer / Spatial Producer  Ibuki Keisaku
Event Producer   Ohashi Hiroshi
Producer Otsuka Masakazu
Project Manager Maeda Akira
Director Inokuchi Hiroki
Chief Producer  Oishi Akira
Producer  Oguchi Takanori
Visual Supervisor  Inadome Kenichi

Music Director / Producer  Bruce Ikeda
Composer for Scene 1-4  Hirano Midori
Composer for Scene 5-8  Himuro Yoshiteru
Sound Design Kabeyam
Audio Mix & Mastering Engineer Yamaguchi Takahiro
Orchestrator Miyano Sachiko
Strings  Muroya Koichiro Strings
Recording Producer Chida Kohei