Heart Beat Music: Brand Movie for C3fit IN-Pulse by Goldwin

  • 2014
  • Goldwin, NTT Docomo

Brand Movie for C3 Fit In pulse that can measure human’s heart rate by just wearing it.  We converted the runners heart beats into real-time music and played on the track field. And this film documented the process of creating “Heart Beat Music” by an ensemble of 4 runners.  Technically it was not an easy project, but the concentration and skill by the great team led by Kosai Sekine produced a miracle in capturing the real emotions of the runners.

  • Director
    Kosai Sekine
  • DP
    Senzo Ueno
  • Producer
    Fumikazu Matsubara
  • Executive Producer / Creative Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Production Manager
    Keita Suwa
  • PA
    Shunsaku Tsubota
    Daichi Tanaka
  • Programmer
  • Set Designer
    Naoyuki Hashimoto
  • Stylist
    Remi Takeuchi
  • Hair Make up
    Miho Tokiwa
  • Typography / Design
    Shinpei Onishi
    Mana Morimoto
  • Motion Design / Animation
    Ko Kudo
  • Music / Sound Design
    Yoshiteru Himuro
  • Sound System / PA
    Bohma Hashimoto
    Koji Fujita
  • Production
    JKD Collective + Robot
  • Client
    NTT Docomo