ellesse TONE experience

  • 2023

JKD produced a special event featuring a hands-on interactive audio visual installation for a recently relaunched tennis brand, ellesse. “ellesse TONE” signifies the 5 colors of nature that resonates with the human heart and senses. When one swings the racket and the tennis ball hits the wall, the single colored ellesse TONE visual is programmed to change organically, along with dynamic sounds, to dramatically reveal the amazing landscapes of Mother Nature, which was the source of inspiration for “ellesse TONE”.  This immersive experience was a huge success, creating a major sensation on-site.

The music was created by Kuniyuki Takahashi, globally known for his high reputation in nature-evoking sound production, and Shokuhin-Matsuri a.k.a. Foodman, a percussive artist with utterly unique creative expressions. The visuals were a collaboration of creative coder Junichi Akagawa and JKD.

The event was held at Daikanyama T-Site for 3 days from March 31st (Fri) to April 2nd (Sun), receiving overwhelming responses from a wide range of audiences.

ellesse TONE experience
March 31 (Fri) – April 2 (Sun) 10:00-20:00