BMX MyNavi JapanCup Yokosuka : Live Streaming with Real-time Effect

  • 2022
  • Yokosuka City

BMX Official Freestyle Match “MyNavi JapanCup” was held by Yokosuka city for the first time in Japan as a local government. JKD directed the real-time effects for the live stream video and the official poster design.

The event in collaboration with Yokosuka city, JFBF (Japan Freestyle BMX Federation), Creative Studio B2 Engine, and NTV (Nippon Television Network) was a huge success, with spectacular performances held by world-class riders including multiple Olympians, bringing forth an exciting start to the summer of 2022.  (Event Date: 7/24 Sun)

Creative Directors: Akira Oikawa, Bruce Ikeda
Technical Director:  Hideto Yoshida, Masanori Takahashi
Technical Producer/Camera:  Ko Kudo
Producers: Bruce Ikeda, Yukiya Yagi
Assistant Producer: Mashu Yokoyama
Designer: Shotaro Tomiyama
Production: B2 Engine + JKD Collective