• 2016
  • Asics Tiger, Beacon Communications

A global campaign launched from Japan by Asics Tiger. For worldwide release of shoes made by special material that changes color depending on the angle seen, JKD and Beacon Communications collaborated and produced a branded film and graphics which ran worldwide including  in North America, Asia, and in Europe in the Summer of 2016. Using the technique called Slit-scan, the video illustrates a story of the main-character who appears and disappears like a chameleon in the busy streets of an enormous neon city. Welcoming Hiroshi Kondo as director, and a collaboration with composer Himuro Yoshiteru, a powerful Branded Music Video was produced.  An elegant and audacious graphics were created by JKD visualist Shane Lester.  These visuals were also exposed globally on the web and in-stores.

  • Agency
    Beacon Communications
  • Creative Director
    Kazz Ishihara
  • Copywriter
    Kenji Enomoto
  • Account Supervisor
    Hiroyuki Nakayama
  • Senior Account Executive
    Kensuke Morita
  • Production Company
    JKD Collective
  • Creative Director / Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Producer / Production Manager
    Kei Okazaki
  • Production Assistant
    Mana Morimoto
  • Director / Editor
    Hiroshi Kondo
  • Director of Photography
    Yosuke Sato
  • Chief Camera
    Nobuchika Furuya
  • 3rd Camera
    Yasutaka Sugimoto
  • Music
    Yoshiteru Himuro
  • Music Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Location Producers
    Mitsutaka Tsunoda (Pilots)
    Taro Honma (Pilots)
  • Cast
    Tomo Abe
  • Stylist
    Remi Takenouchi 
  • Hair-Make
    Go Takakusaki
  • Driver
    Daisuke Ishinohachi (BONDS)
  • Art Director / Designer for Graphics
    Shane Lester
  • Photographer for Graphics
    Eric Micotto