• 2021

We created the branded movie for Japan’s premium car audio ALPINE, that has users and fans all over the world. With SOUNDWARDS “To the place where there’s great sound” as the concept, we visualized its simple but strong message: Great sound inspires us and the most exciting spaces are the best sounding ones, attracting passionate people. Using the microdrone, we brought out the feeling of being pulled towards that enchanted atmosphere through dynamic camerawork. The music was written by world-class artist Hiroshi Watanabe (known as KAITO), released via Germany’s largest label. The film direction/DP was done by Senzo Ueno, and the overall production through the collaboration of JKD and Creative Agency Drill.

Staff Credit

Creative Directors : Jun Nishida, Bruce Ikeda
Executive Creative Director : Takashi Sakuma
Copy Writer : Tomoki Yomogita
Art Director:Ippei Iwahara
Creative Strategist:Yukiya Yamane
Account Producer : Masakazu Otsuka
Executive Producer : Bruce Ikeda
Producers:Ryoichiro Honma, Mitsuo Tokunaga
Production Assistant : Mashu Yokoyama

Director / DoP:Senzo Ueno
Drone Pilot:Michito Tanaka
Camera Asst:Takao Baba, Sam Perches
Lighting:Yosuke Shimada
Art&Props:Takayuki Mitsuizumi
Stylist:Naoki Yamada
Hair&Make up:Nori

Music : Kaito / Hiroshi Watanabe
Music Director / Producer : Bruce Ikeda
Off-Line Editor:Fumihito Endo
On-Line Editor:Hitoshi Kimura
MA Mixer:Temujin Shimizu
Location Coordinator:Ari Shimogawara
Casting:Takumi Cotoba, Taiga Yoshimura

Creative Agency:Drill
Production Companies:JKD Collective + HATCH