Airbnb : Japan Host Story

  • 2019
  • Airbnb

JKD planned and produced a documentary film about Takigahara Farm in Ishikawa prefecture and Ryo Ogawa, as one of Airbnb’s “Host Story” contents series.

Teruo Kurosaki – the founder of where we have our JKD office – has a team that built and runs a farm at Takigahara in Komatsu city, Ishikawa, called the “Takigahara Farm”. There’s a sense of surprisingly abundant time flowing in this paradise, with numerous renovated farmhouses and cafes which were once old folk houses.  Commissioned by Airbnb SF head office, JKD produced a film for an Airbnb made from a 80 year old stone-built warehouse and a story of its host Ryo Ogawa . With Makenzie Shepherd as director, except for a few drone shots, almost all cuts were filmed by 16mm film. You can get a unique atmosphere of Takigahara of its fresh air, wild nature, and lively people through this piece.
Here’s blog story. JKD coordinated still photo shooting as well.
  • Director
    Mackenzie Sheppard
  • Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • PM
    Kei Okazaki
  • AD
    Kai Sandy
  • DP
    Peter McCollough
  • AC
    Yasushi Miyata
  • Sound Recordist
    Edan Mason
  • PA
    Nozomi de Lencquesaing
  • Cast
    Ryo Ogawa
  • Editor
    Shane Lester
  • Music
  • Colorist
    Naotaka Takahashi
  • Photographer
    Tetsuo Kashiwada