Airbnb: Host Story

  • 2016
  • Airbnb

JKD was in full charge of Japan’s first large digital campaign production for Airbnb, a San Francisco headquartered global brand, that offers a new style of travel by connecting guests and the host through sophisticated interface and technology. We produced 3 documentary-style movies featuring 3 hosts and various graphics. Welcoming Yasuhito Tsuge as movie director, and Hideaki Hamada as photographer, the campaign has been regarded highly for it’s fine-quality creative works for capturing natural beauty of the hosts and their stories.

  • Creative / Art Director
    Samya Deb (Airbnb)
  • Creative Director / Writer
    Yutaka Tsujino (The Traveling Office) 
  • Executive / Creative Producer
    Bruce Ikeda 
  • Director
    Yasuhito Tsuge 
  • DP
    Naoyuki Kondo 
  • Camera Assistant
    Shunsuke Tai 
  • Photographer
    Hideaki Hamada 
  • Designer
    Shotaro Tomiyama 
  • Producer
    Toshiyuki Takei (TOKYO) 
  • Production Manager
    Shunsuke Imoto (TOKYO) 
  • Stylist
    Naoki Yamada 
  • Hairmake
    Rena Iida 
  • Music
    Takagi Masakatsu (Kikue)
    Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi E (Mariko)
    No.9 (Kouki) 
  • Music Producer
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Editors
    Aika Miyake (Cutters / Kikue, Mariko) 
    Yoshitaka Honda (Kouki) 
  • Production Companies
    JKD Collective Inc.
  • Airbnb Japan Client
    Mak Oda
    Hitomi Wakamatsu 
  • Airbnb US Client
    Francesca Allen