Mr. Omori

  • 2013
  • adidas UK

Video Production, Music Production

On assignment from Adidas UK, we produced this short documentary on Mr. Toshiaki Omori, a shoe master residing in Kobe. This short film was created for shoe retailer Size, who operates numerous shops in Europe, and utilized this video in their social media channels.

Film director Kosai Sekine closes in on the essence of the creative process of the world-renowned shoe master in this piece. All of the elements–the salient and deep visuals, the music by Fukuoka beat-maker Olive Oil, and the interview footage–were seamlessly synchronized to create one incisive documentary. It drew high praise from our European client who is a step ahead in content marketing.


  • Director
    Kosai Sekine
  • DP
    Senzo Ueno
  • Producers
    Bruce Ikeda
    Toshiyuki Takei
  • Music
    Olive Oil
  • Agency / Production Company
    JKD Collective
  • Production Company