Sounds and Civilization

  • 2023
  • Our Work

Musician Shoji Yamashiro, known for his work on the soundtrack of the epic anime film “AKIRA” and his live performances, along with his ensemble “Geinoh Yamashirogumi”. Real name Tsutomu Ohashi, he is also a scientist who has discovered and researched the “HyperSonic Effect,” which refers to the positive effects that ultrasonic sounds beyond the audible range of humans have on the human brain. Based on the research on sound by Dr. Ohashi and the inspiration drawn from the musical endeavors of the same individual, Shoji Yamashiro, we produced a short documentary exploring the relationship between sound and civilization. (Duration: 20 minutes / Director: Senzo Ueno, Producer: Bruce Ikeda)


Director / Cinematographer : Senzo Ueno

Producer : Bruce Ikeda

Editor : Fumihito Endo

Appearance : Shoji Yamashiro / Tsutomu Ohashi, Manabu Honda, Akikazu Nakamura

Production Companies : JKD Collective inc., Shinshun

Camera Operators : Shinnosuke Shibata, Andrzej Rudsz, Takao Baba

Camera Assistant : Yuki Ishibashi

Hair Make : Mayuko Ueno

Music : 芸能山城組

Sound Mixer : Temujin Shimizu

Post Production : Jitto

Online Editor : Kentaro Kawamoto

Post Producer : Tokihiko Tsukamoto

Assistant Editor : Tamaki Fukue

Title Design : Shotaro Tomiyama

Color Grading : Artone film

Colorist : Yoshiyuki Nishida

Grading Producer : Setsuna Go

Location Support : 春花園盆栽美術館