Yukihiro Shoda

Yukihiro Shoda is one of the video artists garnering the most attention today. He is known for his creative use of colors and stylish live-action, depicting and questioning the essence of matter. He focused all of his creative energy producing his short masterpiece, Blind. Blind was a strong reminder of the power of film, and made a big impact in the creative community both in Japan and abroad. He has continued to release high-profile works, such as Motorola’s SOCIAL 0.0 in which he questions the meaning of “abundance,” and LIVE LIFEFUL, a concept movie for Tower Records, which featured a miraculous combination of artists.

Born in Osaka, Shoda joined a post production company after graduating from Kyoto Institute of Technology in Engineering and Design. After experiencing positions in editing and shooting, he became a film director in 2009. Shoda currently resides in Tokyo, and is involved in a wide range of projects including music videos, short films, web films and TV spots. He is a pioneering creator of the new era, using his visual expression and storytelling to bring viewers closer to the heart of the matter.