Junichi Akagawa

Junichi Akagawa is an audiovisual artist with an ability to intuitively grasp the fusion of sound and imagery, combining skills and sensibilities to achieve this fusion in the shortest possible time. He uses programming and sensors to construct interactive systems and is involved in the design and implementation of various creative expressions, including live performances, dance, stage productions, and installations. He is also involved in music production and has released a few works to date.  Known for his gentle and sincere personality, as well as his explosive focus, he is a creator who accelerates collaboration within the team. Based in Kyoto, he has performed not only in Japan but also in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, and China. From 2020 to 2021, the artist participated in the “NAQUYO – Visionary Universe of Heian-kyo” project by Kyoto Steam. As part of this project, they presented dance pieces titled “midpoint” and “Alt+midpoint,” combining the sounds of temple bells with field recordings, sensors, and three-dimensional sound technology.