The compositional chops of track-making prodigy Jemapur are born of a background in classical music, but he began honing his craft in digital music production at the tender age of 14, releasing his first album on Japanese label Hydeout Productions when he was only 19. Jemapur’s music is often melancholy, yet also bubbles with sharp beats and textures. Despite its bold, simple structures, his production aesthetic betrays a keen attention to detail. Jemapur’s music is clearly suited to pairing with visual elements, as typified by the award-winning music video for his track Maledict Car, and his flexibility as an artist enables him to compose music to visuals at the highest level.

In 2009, he lent his sound design talents to Sony Japan’s Playface ad campaign for the launch of the new Playstation 3 slim. In 2010, he launched Saluut, an online digital music select shop in collaboration with several other artists including Rika Ishii and Kiyo. In 2011 he toured Europe, including Paris and London, and received a great reaction.