Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe combines state of the art technology with uniquely re-examined elements and phenomena from his surroundings, delivering creative and highly experimental work that pushes the boundaries of media art, to global acclaim. In 2006, he launched Rhizomatiks, a production company covering everything from web design to cutting edge creative technology. This was followed in 2008 by the establishment of hacker space 4nchor5La6 (Anchors Lab) with Motoi Ishibashi. Daito wears many hats as an artist, designer, programmer, DJ, VJ, and composer.

He has made use of his programming skills across a broad range of projects, spanning multiple genres and fields. He is involved in educational activities, participating in workshops at MIT Media Lab and Fabrica. Daito was a presenter at cycling74’s openFrameworks Developer’s Conference. He served as a judge at Prix Ars Electronica 2009, won the 2011 Award of Distinction, and the 2013 Honorary Mention in its Interactive Art category. At the Japan Media Arts Festival he received the Grand Prize twice and the Excellence Prize twice, and his work was selected as a Jury Recommended Work eight times.

Since 2010, Manabe has given directorial support to Perfume’s live performances, and the Perfume Global Site Project he directed won the Silver Cyber Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Selected as a key person alongside John Maeda and Hans Zimmer on the Mac 30 years anniversary website by Apple in 2014, Manabe has won international acclaim.