MONTBLANC: Nopera AOI -Special Show-

  • 2017

On May 25th at the Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, with JKD collaborating on visual images, artist Ryoko Aoki performed a 1-night only Nopera Live Show where she mixed traditional Japanese ”Noh” with contemporary music and fashion. This event was held exclusively for the 50 VIP guests that were invited by fountain pen brand MONTBLANC, on releasing their limited edition product in collaboration with ”Chiso”, a Kyo Yuzen store long-established since 1555.

The performance was based on ”Aoinoue” from “The Tale of Genji” written in 1008, in which strong emotions of sorrow and resentment are portrayed. Japan’s oldest form of art ”Noh” combined with contemporary music and a dynamic cube-shaped screen projecting edgy visual images, many experienced and witnessed the mixture of Japanese aesthetics at its high level.  Please take a minute to check it out!

  • Noh Performance
    Ryoko Aoki
  • Live Music
    Asuka Hatanaka
    Kazushi Saito
  • Video Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Creative Direction / Content Planning
    Jun Nishida
  • Art Direction / Design
    Shotaro Tomiyama
  • Motion Designer
    Ko Kudo
  • Video Producers
    Kei Okazaki
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Event Producer
    Keisaku Ibuki
  • Editor
    Sam Yotsuya
  • Opening Title Music
    Midori Hirano
  • Lighting
    Tatsuya Yamamoto
  • Video Production
    JKD Collective Inc.
  • Event Production / Creative Agency
    Drill Inc.
  • Hardware