Red Bull Summer Edition “Mosquito Slap”

  • 2015
  • Red Bull 

In collaboration with Red Bull Summer Edition, we made a special video clip tightly synced to a music track made of all the sounds heard while camping out.

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  • Directors
    Mackenzie Sheppard
    Shane Lester
  • Executive Producer / Creative Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Producers
    Satoshi Takahashi
    Fumikazu Matsubara
  • Music / Sound Design
    DJ Codomo
  • Director of Photography
    Senzo Ueno
  • Editor
    Shane Lester
  • Planner
    Mana Morimoto
  • Colorist
    Masato Ota
  • Sound Recordist
    Takashi Hisamichi
  • Stylist
    Kenichi Taira
  • Production Manager
    Noriyuki Imoto
  • Production Assistant
    Daichi Tanaka
  • Agency
    JKD Collective
  • Production