Helly Hansen: Be With Water

  • 2019
  • Helly Hansen

JKD Collective produced and directed a brand video for Helly Hansen, a sportswear brand originating from Norway, known for their high quality waterproof wear and marine sports style.

Alongside Helly Hansen’s “BE WITH WATER” concept, we created a film that captures a sense of tranquility and cultivated sensitivity while illustrating the characteristics of the brand which has a history of over 140 years of work in close connection with “water”. This includes its famous waterproof technology that supports various outdoor lifestyles such as sailing, trekking, and snow sports.

With Yasuhito Tsuge as director, we aimed to create a film that reminds people that we coexist with “water”. Through the eyes of a trekker, the video shows the journey of water as it falls from the sky as rain, runs through the mountain, along the river, and finally into the great sea. The vast natural landscapes filmed by drones and bold close-ups using macro lenses create a mysterious atmosphere, while the very limited music/sound design calls on a Japanese-like sense of beauty, spirituality, and fear towards mother nature.

  • Director/ Editor
    Yasuhito Tsuge
  • Creative Director
    Bruce Ikeda
  • Director of Photography
    Jin Ito
  • Assistant Camera
    Kozo Ito
  • Drone Pilot
    Takayuki Shiibayashi
  • Underwater Videographer
    Toshiyuki Furuyama
  • Producers
    Bruce Ikeda
    Ryoichiro Honma
  • Production Manager
    Daisuke Ishihara
  • Location Coordinator
    Shingo Sato
  • Cast
    Carlos Toroya
  • Colorist
    Ben Conkey
  • Music
    Yoshiteru Himuro
  • Sound Design
  • Title Design
    Shotaro Tomiyama